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With a BMW Koenig 635CSi Special Edition it's easy to become a 1980s Fan

Think of the 1980s and one of the first “icons” that spring to mind are those horrendous shoulder pads for women's power suits, that became popular thanks to TV...

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Spoiled for Choice: classic Ferraris

Classic sports car enthusiasts are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the Ferrari brand, although the marque will probably be of more interest to those w...

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Some less obvious Classic Sports Car Choices

For drivers keen to buy a classic sports car, many marques are out of reach because they are simply too expensive to purchase and maintain. However, there are q...

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Some Brits may not like the Continent, but everyone likes a 1942 Lincoln Continental

Likely to cost in excess of £52,000 these days, the Lincoln Continental convertible Series I was in production for only a short time, before WWII put an end to ...

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Small is still beautiful: 2017 Toyota S-FR

Following its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2015 as a concept car, Toyota's upcoming S-FR sports coupé will prove that small is still beautiful – an...

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Rare 1970s Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 is always an Auction Highlight

Estimated to reach an auction sale price of between 48,000 and 60,000 euros, a rare Ferrari Dino 208 GT 4 is always a thrilling addition to any classic car auct...

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Maserati Ghibli AM 115 Spyder

Regarded by many classic car enthusiasts as one of the greatest design advances in Maserati's long and distinguished history, the Maserati Ghibli AM 115 Spyder ...

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Line up Happy Campers

The term “classic car” doesn't usually conjure up images of VW camper vans, but the popularity of these intrepid vehicles is undiminished, if classic car shows ...

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Fancy driving a 2016 Caterham Seven 420 S SV?

If you cannot afford the £37,500 or so that enthusiasts ask for when selling their Caterham Seven 420 S SV, you may consider paying £950 for track day hire. Tha...

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Everyone deserves a little Sunbeam once in a While

Classic car enthusiasts attending shows and rallies can usually be found standing around any example of a Sunbeam with a big smile on their faces. Ranging widel...

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You will find here a few notes and forms required for the procedure to transfer a vehicle registration.

Registration marks that show no reference to the very first registration date of a vehicle.

Plates where last letter reveals the age of a vehicle.

Widely available and often less costly than dateless registrations.

An interesting opportunity to investment in some sought after number and letter combinations.

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