How to transfer a private number plate
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How to transfer a private number plate

Below gives brief description in the process of transferring a registration mark from a donor vehicle.

The V317 Document

For transferring your vehicle registration number you require the Form V317 this is available from the DVLA website.

It is also possible to obtain the form from a Post office that issues vehicle licenses or your nearest DVLA office. The form has a guidance notes section at the back for help.

The second section of the V317 document should be completed & signed by the keeper of the vehicle from which the registration mark is being transferred (Donor Vehicle) and section three must be completed and signed by the keeper of the vehicle that the registration is being transferred to.

Along with the signed documentation you will require:

  • The vehicle registration certificate (V5C) or New keeper supplement (V5C2) and a completed V62 application for a vehicle registration certificate.
  • A current MOT certificate applicable if the vehicle is 3 years old.
  • A photocopy of the current Tax disc license.
  • The transfer fee of £80

Please note DVLA accepts Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bankers Drafts, Postal Orders and also are able to take cash if you visit in person. Personal checks are also accepted and should be made out to DVLA Swansea.

If either vehicle requires tax disc licence you will need to include:

  • A completed V10 application for tax disc license.
  • A current certificate of vehicle insurance or cover.
  • Current vehicle tax payment.

The Vehicles

  • Both the Donor and Recipient vehicles must exist and be registered on the DVLA computer.
  • Both Vehicles must be available for inspection by the DVLA if deemed necessary.
  • The Donor vehicle must have a current tax disc license or be declared SORN (statutory off road notice) to the DVLA.

Tax Disc Licence

  • There cannot be a break between the expiry of the tax disc license and the start of the Statutory off road notice).
  • Only 12 months are allowed after the expiry of tax disc license (one SORN application) or the Donor vehicle with have to be submitted for Re taxing and may have undergo a MOT test if applicable.
  • The Vehicle in section three the recipient vehicle must also hold a current tax disc license.
  • An application for Tax disc license or a change to the V5C document can be made at the time of transfer.

How and where to apply

You must either take in person or post both application pages of the V317 document to a local DVLA office. All supporting documents must be originals; not photocopies, faxed copies or downloaded copies.

Do not send your application to DVLC Swansea.

You can find the address of your nearest DVLA office here.
Or by phoning 0300 123 1277. (You will be asked to give your postcode.)

Awaiting the application for transfer of private number plates.

The DVLA office will normally send confirmation within 2 weeks.

The DVLA office may ask to inspect the vehicle if so they will inform you of the date and place of the inspection.

Once the local DVLA office approves the application the following will apply:

  • The donor vehicle in section 2 will be given a replacement vehicle registration fitting to its age.
  • The recipient vehicles registration number in section 3 will be withdrawn unless an application to transfer or retain is received at the same time.
  • The confirmation letter will include your new Tax disc license & authorisation to display the new registration mark V948 and amended MOT if applicable.
  • Swansea DVLA will issue your new V5 document and this will arrive separate from the preceding documents, but you can use the vehicle legally on the highway upon receipt of the V948 document and tax disc license.

Please remember to notify your insurance company of the change in registration mark.

Please note we will look after all of the necessary paperwork and transfer of private number plates when you either sell or purchase thorough us and our friendly staff are knowledgeable in all scenarios of vehicle transfer.

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