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Choosing a 1960's Sportster

If seeing dateless number plates on the road makes you feel nostalgic and even a little down-hearted, why not buy an economical and nippy sportster to make up f...

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Limited Edition Hypercar Porsche 918 Spyder

German car manufacturer Porsche's 918 Spyder is one of those hypercars one either falls in love with right away or never takes to it at all. The limited edition...

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Classic Supercar Pagani Huayra

Designed to replace the amazing Pagani Zonda of 1999, the superlative Pagani Huayra was practically a “classic” car the moment it rolled off the assembly line i...

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Classic 2008 Dodge Viper ACR is a handsome Beast indeed

As unmistakably American as apple pie, cheerleaders or rodeo, a limited edition 2008 Dodge Viper ACR in fine condition may set you back around US $88,000, but s...

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A comfortable Roadster, as long as You avoid M Sport's Suspension

At a starting price of £29,695 the BMW Z4 Roadster is a pretty good choice, if you're looking to buy a compact luxury sports car with folding hardtop and award-...

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2017 Corvette Chevrolet Stingray: Following a great Tradition

Hard to believe that the first Corvette Stingray was already turning heads when dateless number plates and automobiles were just one more rationed item on Brita...

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A Jaguar by an other Type just wouldn't be the same

Introduced to the world of motoring in March 1961, the Jaguar E-Type was an instant winner. Launched just a couple of years before dateless number plates were p...

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DeLorean's Comeback DMC-12

First launched with a production run on 21st January 1981, when the DVLA in Britain was about to introduce yet another car registration system and new number pl...

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Autumn brings the untaggable Audi Q2

Arriving late this autumn, Audi's Q2 may be the smallest SUV on the motoring horizon, but who cares when it's so cute, stylish, spacious and beautifully practic...

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Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2016

Classic car enthusiasts in the Midlands can hardly wait until 11th November, when the popular 3-day Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor show returns to the NEC Bi...

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You will find here a few notes and forms required for the procedure to transfer a vehicle registration.

Registration marks that show no reference to the very first registration date of a vehicle.

Plates where last letter reveals the age of a vehicle.

Widely available and often less costly than dateless registrations.

An interesting opportunity to investment in some sought after number and letter combinations.

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